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2010-06-10 04:09:37 by MosesX50

My metal song wasn't as popular as my electronic stuff. This was predictable. I could have done better. BUT! My vocals definitely caught peoples attention. Due to this, I will be doing some collaborative metal songs with Deathcalypse. Go check out his stuff metal heads! its pretty rockin'. So expect more metal as well as electronic, Because Mozes's second album has been conceived! The title is still up in the air, but rest assured that it will be a play on words on something to do with Moses.


2010-04-14 11:01:41 by MosesX50

My album is finally done, after a years worth of 2 parts hard work, and 5 parts procrastinating, it is finally done! there are 19 tracks and around or 7 bonus tracks of old mixes, alternate versions, or un-included songs. my next project is all original work. the next album will be all my own compositions.
If anyone wants to get it, here is the link, not all of the songs are on my newgrounds! -

Ok. SO!!

2010-03-01 18:47:17 by MosesX50

Long story made short, My laptop was damaged, My laptop was repaired, Just got it back the other day, and now ill be finishing some of my remixes


2009-12-10 11:42:33 by MosesX50

I wasn't able to Finish my last song by my personal deadline, for i've been quite busy with close of the semester coming up. my focus has been on my class work, however I'm going to try and get it done before year's end.

So, i'm almost done

2009-11-10 01:27:11 by MosesX50

I've set a little personal goal for myself to have 15 songs done by December 1st. i have 14 done. so its either going to be a new original or another remix. any suggestions would be appreciated

So if anyone has any new remix suggestions, i'm at a loss.

Well is been about a week,

2009-08-31 15:08:48 by MosesX50

And i'm pleased with my reviews! more to come soon, when ever i feel that they are upload quality.

Hello one and all!!!

2009-08-23 22:53:37 by MosesX50

Well i finally have songs uploaded and I'm pleased with the current scores on the three of them. more music soon to come, the problem currently is laziness, i have about a dozen Remixes just lazy on the uploading.