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So, I'm sure some have noticed, I've been making new music. Different music than I used to make. That's because I've been making lots of purchases lately for Music Production. These purchases have enabled me to make the style of music that I have always wanted to make. Not that I don't enjoy making Electronic stuff, because I do, But Metal is always where my heart was. So I CANNOT recommend all of these enough if you want to make metal yourself, have no skill in actually playing Guitar, Bass, or Drums, but have the musical knowledge to write it.

  • Fl Studio 20

First off, I used to use the lite, bare minimum version of FL Studio. But I saved up and bought the full FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle. And I'm now running FL Studio 20 with EVERYTHING it comes with

  • The Loki Bass

This is a Virtual Bass Plugin by Solemn Tones that uses real bass samples. It has a few presets and they all sound great.

  • Mjolnir Drums

This is a Virtual Drum Plugin by Solemn Tones that uses real drum samples

  • The Odin II

This is a Virtual Guitar Plugin by Solemn Tones that uses real guitar samples. It produces a clean Guitar signal so if you want distortion and other such guitar FX then I highly recommend;

  • Tone Forge

They are amp sim plugins and damn good ones. I use the Jason Richardson and Misha Mansoor ones and I love them both as they're are two of my favorite guitarists as it is.

  • GetGood Drums

A Kontakt plugin made by Adam "GetGood" Nolly from Periphery. It is an amazing set of Virtual Drum plugins. There are a few different packs you can get but I bought the Matt Halpern Signature Kit (Drummer of Periphery and it includes the drum samples from their album, Periphery 3: Select Difficulty) and I also Bought the Invasion Kit which has an INSANE amount of different drum kit pieces to choose from.

  • Shreddage 3 Stratus

Another guitar simulation plugin for Kontakt player by Impact Soundworks. It is pretty great, though admittedly I haven't really played around with it much seeing as this is my most recent purchase. So far, In my opinion it is more versatile than The Odin II Guitar plugin but doesn't sound as good.

So there you have it. This is what I use to make my music these days and again, I can't recommend all of this enough. I do not regret any of these purchases!!

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