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I fixed Catalyst.

2014-02-27 05:05:29 by MosesX50

It was WAAAAY too bass heavy. So I fixed it. heh heh... whoops

I'm back in business.

2014-01-05 23:14:26 by MosesX50

I have a new computer and it's time to resume making music. I've been out of the game for a while but I'm very interested in resuming work. Check out my rendition of my song Catalyst!

Well. As it turns out there is something wrong with my laptop again. The hard drive went...again...Dell is a useless and worthless company. I've lost everything...again. but it's cool. at least I finished my projects this time.


2011-09-27 03:31:21 by MosesX50

I've been really pleased with my work lately. I've been working on songs diligently to get them done. Many of them sat in the work for to long and I needed to finish them. I'm glad that so many people still listen to my work and enjoy it. So thank you!


2011-07-13 00:56:05 by MosesX50

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with all this. I have so much in the works but i just don't know how to finish a lot of them. blorp!


2011-02-02 03:47:23 by MosesX50

My Laptop has decided to commit seppuku YET AGAIN..I hat a lot of decent projects in the works...BUT now they're all gone. So ill be starting new ones...FAAAAAAAACCKK


2010-11-11 09:22:18 by MosesX50

Well, As far as fruitless wastes of time go, This album project of mine is not making any progress, I've been far to busy lately to even sit down at my computer for anything, let alone composition or remixes. I definitely won't be done with it in time for the new year. I will however, work on material as i find time to do so. so stay tuned my few fans.


2010-09-04 12:27:51 by MosesX50

Well that was short lived. Anyway, I'm kind of at a stand still right now. I have a few remixes in the works, but as for the originals, I'm not sure how to proceed with, as writer's block sucks. I'll keep on working though.


2010-08-29 23:06:42 by MosesX50

My Zelda remix made it to the all time best list! I am so happy right now! thank you everyone! (and thanks dannyP for using the song!)

I think i can...I think i can...

2010-06-24 17:46:20 by MosesX50

Ok. So... I'm Setting another Dead line for this album. I'm Going to go for a 15 song album. with 5 Remixes and 10 originals. My Dead line for this ones completion is going to be 12:01 A.M. January 1st 2011. And....GO!